Imagine a medical insurance that builds bridges between private and public care. DSS Health is this bridge. We are specialized and committed in the field of care, health & insurance and are the Nordic region's leading specialist in medical insurance. Our mission and our success is based on navigating the customer's entire patient journey to all forms of care - regardless of public or private.

We have our own doctors and nurses employed, - our Health Team has many years of experience from Swedish healthcare. The health team takes care of all the employee's questions; care navigation, booking of care, follow-up during and between treatments. DSS Hälsa is the advisory party to the employee's care journey in private and public care.

DSS Hälsa´s care insurances contribute to delivering the highest quality of care on very competitive terms.

The health team gives the company´s staff a safe journey through the entire treatment – we deliver more than just health insurance. Our health team navigate in both private and public care.


At DSS Hälsa, the employee never gets a no!

Our Healthcare team:

  • Navigates care needs for both public and private treatments.
  • Helps your employees with public navigation in cases that is not covered by the insurance
  • Guides the employee´s through the entire treatment journey from the start to until the concluding treatment.