You can find your insurance statement & insurance terms by logging in to My DSS. If you have questions about your health insurance, you can contact our Health Team on telephone 08-4000 6121.

Your health insurance covers treatments for a number of different diseases. You can get more information by reading the current insurance terms or contact our health team by phone at

08-4000 61 21.

The insurance covers a wide range of treatments that are approved and used in healthcare.

Information on what is included in the health insurance can be found under my DSS and in the insurance terms.

Examples of what the health insurance does not cover:

-Urgent care

-Chronic illnesses that existed before the insurance

-Birthborn ailments

-Cosmetic treatments

-Skin problems such as benign birthmarks and eczema

-ADHD, Aspberger syndrome, autism, Tourette's syndrome, eating disorders, severe mental illness, phobias

-Sleeping problems

-Dental care

-Abuse treatment (can be additionally insured)

-Preventive care such as vaccination

-Sexually transmitted diseases

-Pregnancy-related problems (psychologist calls for postpartum depression can be reimbursed, as well as problems after a late abortion)

The insurance terms and conditions contain other specific exceptions that may be important to you. We therefore encourage you to read them to get a complete picture.

DSS Hälsa guarantees treatment, examination or similar within 7 working days. If we refer you for treatment at a private hospital or clinic, we will refer you to a relevant specialist / therapist in DSS-Hälsa's care network. You do not have to pay for the treatment yourself when you use our treatment network.

Payment is made directly between the care provider and DSS Hälsa.

DSS Hälsa always recommends treatment in our quality-assured network. In a number of treatments, however, you have the opportunity to choose a care provider yourself.

Please note that the insurance only covers costs for treatment that have been approved in advance by DSS Hälsa. You can therefore start the treatment only after you have had your claim approved.

You can fill in your claim via your profile on My DSS or contact our Health Team on 08- 4000 6121, 9-17 on weekdays and 9-12 on weekends.

If your treatment is to be given at a private hospital or clinic, we have a nationwide collaboration with a number of private hospitals and clinics and our Health Team will refer you to a relevant hospital or clinic. We continuously ensure quality with our TreatmentFinder system, which is based on a number of criteria to ensure high quality and expertise throughout the treatment process.

DSS Hälsa has a nationwide network collaboration in chiropractic, physiotherapy and psychological treatment,

For psychologist and physiotherapy treatment, you will be contacted by a care provider from our network within 24 hours, where an appointment will be booked with the therapist who can meet your treatment needs.

During chiropractic treatment, our Health Team helps you find a clinic in our quality-assured network.

You do not have to pay for the treatment yourself when you use our treatment network. The settlement takes place directly between the therapist and DSS Hälsa.

The insurance covers examination and treatment in Sweden. The insurance therefore does not cover examination, treatment, acute injuries or acute psychological treatment abroad.

If you need treatment after returning home, it will be covered based on the normal framework of the insurance. DSS Hälsa always offers advice, even when you are on holiday abroad.